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hello lovelies!

Thank you so much for your interest in my course! I know there are a ton of options out there to choose from so here's a little info about why you should choose mine.


It’s a two day course, not one day. Just going over the manual takes up most of the first day. 

There’s so much to go over and I want you to be as knowledgeable and prepared as you can be for this exciting new career you’re about to embark on.

Getting Dirty

The class is hands-on and I allow you to work at your own pace. If you’re confident enough to do the whole treatment, go for it!

If you’re still a little uneasy, no worries, I got you!


I give ongoing support to all of my students and answer in a timely manner.

This treatment is still new and constantly improving, so I’ll keep updating my students with new products or techniques. I encourage my students to send me their work so I can advise them on it. I WANT you to succeed!

It's Intimate

We keep our classes small so you know you’re getting the attention and help you need.

Still not comfortable being in a group class? Inquire about private training.

starter kit

Our starter kit includes more product than most starter kits. Professional starter kit includes:

Get Started

I look forward to meeting you and sharing with you all of the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way!

Tina Oxley | Owner of High•Brow Microblading in Plano, Texas

Course Information


**All of our classes are kept small (1-2 students) for optimal learning experience and adequate one on one time with instructor. All classes come with ongoing support and consent forms for each treatment. All students will receive 20% discount off of their first order with us.


Course Cost:



(this will add more product to your kit) Manual shading is becoming a more and more popular technique.

A must know if doing Microblading. Shading technique will create a very soft full brow, mostly used with Microblading to fill in the skin space between hair strokes.

Especially useful if the client has dense hair is some areas and sparse to none in others. Also known as a blended or combination brow. Can be used alone to create a powder brow. Certification upon completion.

(This will add an extra day onto the Microblading class. Kit will include machine and needle cartridges).

Learn how to do Powder, Powder Ombre, and Combination brows in this hands on one day class. Certification upon completion.



Powder (Ombre) brows

Learn Powder, Powder Ombre brows (combination brows with prior Microblading knowledge) in this hands on one day class.

Kit will include machine, pencils, latex skin, needle cartridges (for use in class and on model), and 2 pigments. No prior PMU or Microblading experience needed. Certification upon completion.

Course Cost:


PMU 3 day Course

Hands on. Learn powder brows, combination brows (with previous Microblading experience), powder ombre brows, eyeliner, eyeliner with makeup effect, lip blushing, and ombre lip blushing.

Kit will come with machine, 7 needle cartridges (for use to practice and on models), numbing agent, practice skin, 2 eyebrow,1 lip, 2 eyeliner pencils. Pigment colors for: eyes (1) brows (2) and lips (4). Valued over $1000. Ongoing support for 6 months. Certification upon completion.

Course Cost:


Lash Extension Course

Classic (1 day class) Learn how to apply eyelash extensions the correct and healthy way.

Kit and certification included. Hands on with live models.

Course Cost:



(1 day advanced class) Learn how to create and apply multiple lashes for Russian and Mega volume.

Classic lash extension knowledge is necessary to take this class. Hands on with live models. Kit and certification included.

Course Cost:


Classic and Volume

(2 day class) Learn both techniques in this 2 day workshop. Hands on with live models.

Kit and certification included.

Course Cost:


Scalp Micropigmentation

(2 day workshop) Learn how to make and replicate hair like follicles for the most effective and natural results.

Kit and Certification included. Ongoing support.

Course Cost:


Fibroblasting Course Coming Soon!!

brow lamination


Sign up and learn BROW LAMINATION with our online course! Once the class is paid for, we will automatically send you a starter kit which contains all three solutions.

Each box contains 10 sachets of solution, enough product to do 30 treatments! *Your kit will be sent to the address used during sign up so make sure it is correct!

Eyebrow Lamination Training | High•Brow Salon in Plano, TX


Love microblading but don't love the hefty price tag?

Inquire about being a model for an upcoming course. Most or all work is done by Tina and/or supervised.

Restrictions do apply.

High Brow Professional Eyebrow and Facial services in Plano, Texas